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What Do Parents Think of My Little Playhouse?

Awesome staff, very clean, hands on with my son… Love the entrance you need to be buzzed in. I really love this daycare. My son has learned a lot here. Jennifer N.

Enrolling my daughter in My Little Play House was the best decision I could of ever made. The staff is amazing, the director Sthefanya and her husband are very involved. They know the children and families well. The facility is always cleaned and neatly organized. My daughter has not gotten sick since we enrolled her here. At her old preschool she would get sick weekly and a lot of that has to do with the facility being cleaned and disinfected daily. I would strongly recommend to any parent that wants to go to work worry-free because they know their child is well taken care of. Alejandra V.

There is no daycare in the Belleville/Newark area that can even get close to competing with Sthefanya and her team at My Little Playhouse. They are the best!” Brian V.

My almost 3-year-old twins go here and they love it! Every morning they wake up and ask to go to school, even on the weekends. They have so much fun and they absolutely love their teacher, Mrs. Ashley. They have progressed so much; I love seeing how much they learn when they are there. The teachers really spend time with them and teach them. My daughter can almost write her name and my son came home singing entire songs and holds a conversation like a 5 year old.

The facility is very clean. I see them clean the rooms and floors every day. Even with this crazy weather the kids have not been sick once, and I believe that has a lot to do with how well the staff keeps everything clean.

The staff is fantastic and very close with the kids and the parents. I am greeted every day and informed about how the kids’ day went. The director/owner and her husband are amazing with the kids and very involved, they truly care about the kids and their families.

We found My Little Playhouse Daycare when we needed immediate childcare. The day I called, I spoke with the owner and she invited me to come in that day to see the facility. We went and meet her and I brought my two kids. The owner was completely helpful, informative about the daily routine and amazingly patient with two tired kids that she just met and had been running around her office.

I could not be happier with my decision to bring my kids here. There is nothing more important to a parent then to be comfortable leaving your kids in someone else’s care. With My Little Playhouse Daycare I know that they are happy, safe and in good hands. Elisa M-A.

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