Kids DaycareFor parents, nothing is more important than their children. From the moment they become parents, they understand the new responsibility they need to shoulder. However, in today’s fast-paced world which is so competitive, parents face troubles while managing the time. Many times, one of the parent has to leave the job in order to be there for the child. While doing so is no big deal for your child, but when you have to do it forcefully, then it is a big problem. When you have alternatives, why to take such a big step?

My little day house day-care is the best solution to all these problems of the parents. Providing the ultimate care that your child deserves, this day-care facility is not like the traditional age-old play schools you see. There is a myriad of benefits which you can derive from getting your kid admitted to this best day-care.

  • Focus on routine jobs: the parents can readily go about with their lives as they used to before the child. Without having any tensions of the child, they can focus on their jobs knowing that the child is in secure hands.
  • Child learn: our best day-care has kindergarten readiness curriculum which we teach the children. So it won’t be like only play place for them. They will learn while having fun.
  • Focus on Overall development of children from an early age: we indulge the students in activities and conduct programmes which help in the development of their young minds. These activities include dance sessions, festival celebrations, fancy dress, and much more! We basically help prepare your child from an early stage.
  • Modern facilities: we don’t believe in living in ancient times when the world is progressing so rapidly. For our tech-savvy upcoming generation, we adopt all modern measures for taking care of your children.

By now, we hope you would have made your mind that you can trust us for taking care of your precious one. If not, then let us tell you some more things about us:

Your child’s safety is our first priority. We have a full surveillance system including procare. Also, there is biometric checking at the gate for parents who come to pick up the child. No unknown person can enter the premises without specific permission. Also, all our staff is trained in CPR and first aid.

If your child is also moody about food, then we understand your pain. However, let us tell you a small little secret, children usually eat readily when they are with their friends. Plus, our trained chefs make very delicious hygienic meals for kids. The best part is that the price of meals is included in tuition fees, making my little playhouse the best day-care!

We are a team of highly skilled people who have a good experience in dealing with kids. You can trust us with your loved one, and we promise you won’t be disappointed. We do give regular reports of the child to all the parents! Make your decision fast, the future of your young one Is in your hands!